My 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

2015I have made my 2015 New Year’s resolutions. They are:

  1. Mindful yoga – by which I mean not yielding to the siren call of Schadenfreude or revenge fantasies whilst in Corpse Pose or mentally composing blog posts in Humble Warrior or telling someone off in my head while attempting to balance in Crow.
  2. Mindful consumption – by which I mean not hoovering my food down with only slightly less haste than my dog and not chugging white wine — glug-glug-glug — like a college freshman whose boyfriend has just dumped her,  both activities to which I am unfortunately prone. 
  3. Get my hearing testing by an audiologist because … what’d you say?
  4. Donate blood on a regular basis, because I never have and it seems like the sort of thing a grownup would do.
  5. Finish for once and for all Sabra the Astonishing, the novel I’ve been rewriting since I was in my mid-twenties. Otherwise I run a pretty good chance of dying with it unfinished — unfortunate since it contains, arguably, some of my best writing and also embarrassing, because, come on, I’ve been working on it for nearly forty years. Generally speaking, I am a woman who gets things done who just can’t quite seem to get this one thing done.
Me in my Fairy Nook

Me in my Fairy Nook

Which is where you, Gentle Reader, come in. In order to finally finish Sabra the Astonishing, I need to free up some time, which means fewer and/or shorter original blog posts in the coming months. I will continue to post on Friday mornings and hope that you will continue to read what I post, but I must for now turn my attention to the task that has for-seeming-ever been at hand.  With any luck, I will re-emerge from my Fairy Nook (because, yes, I have one) anon.

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