Bye! See you on Friday, September 11, 2015!

In my last post, Avanti! No, wait!, I explored my decision-making process as it relates to my hair, which I appear constitutionally incapable of not highlighting. This despite senectitude  staring me baldly in the face every time I  peer into a wall-mounted magnifying mirror in search of errant mole hairs or, as my friend Linda Hoyle has christened them, “Grisseldas”.   Why do I subject myself to this horror?  So that I will not look like Mrs. Potato Head left too long to her own devices in a burlap sack in a corner of your scary basement.

Which brings me to my point:  way back in June of this year, I switched from publishing this blog on Friday to Tuesday. I did this because, according to stats, this was a better day for such endeavors.  Since then I have noted no appreciable uptick in readers or comments and, given my schedule, Friday is a better fit.  So, this will be the last Tuesday post.  Instead, look for me on Friday, beginning September 18, 2015.    There I will be: no Grisseldas, no eyebrows, highlighted and with bells.

Unless I change my mind.

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